Blockchain Payment System Integration

Naralux’s eCommerce reward points, NaraPoint(s), is made for users to shop and earn points and eventually being able to use the points to pay for items across different platforms. NaraPoints earned can be kept in eWallet. And when user decides to save some more money, he can just simply utilise the points to add into the purchase payment components, resulting in more savings. NaraPoint is unique in that the value can grow over time against inflation. This result in users gaining more surpluses with time as they shop.


New Standard in Digital Payments

Naralux redesign and integrate blockchain with ecommerce. Notably, reward point payment system is useful when it comes to speed in transaction. Users will experience safe, fast transaction when they pay for service or buy an item online. Be it a set of fashion outfit or a quality timepiece, Naralux’s payment system will allow you to purchase these items with ease and peace.



NaraPoints is your revolution in getting the best discounts that life has to offer. Grow with us and our team to make shopping a more affordable thing to you and your friends!


NaraPoint offers the best deals in town to maximise your dollar at all your favourite places with not just quality company, but also quality deals!


Get NaraPoints for quality bargains
Access to exclusive deals and promotions
Earn referral bonus points


Dine & earn NaraPoints as take time to recharge for a better week ahead

Earn NaraPoints & pay Less for More in your next shopping experience

Earn NaraPoints together with your friends when they shop with you


NaraWallet : You can easily access on your smartphone through mobile wallets, which is considered the most convenient option for sending and receiving remittances as well as using your NaraPoints as spending points. Free secure NaraWallets come free with a Naralux account (free to sign up).

We have paid out more than

Reward Points and counting


Utilising your Wallet Points

You can buy or sell your collectible items or merchandises on our Marketplace platform. Make your life easy and fuss free with purchasing things with NaraPoints today!

What Our Subscribers Say

Tammy Jean

I shop on ecommerce often. I have not seen a crypto platforms that offers an ecosystem like Naralux. Being able to use my points to purchase easily is great!

Katie Chang Noelle

This is a realistic platform for anyone looking for site to shop and earn. Keep up good work!

Jana Sander

Being able to sell my collections on such a platform is excellent! I can actually keep the points and it can worth more later!

The Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Naralux’s team of experienced entrepreneurs and blockchain programmers steer the entire structure of the company from the foundation to expansion and integration of our ecosystem that prioritise subscribers’ benefits and improvement in their ecommerce experiences.

John Lee

CTO, Co Founder

Nikolas B

Strategist, Co Founder